Active Archive

BSG addresses Active Archive in an accurate and methodical manner.  Our Engineers work to understand the key elements with data access and availability.  We provide a detailed view of where data resides today, what type, how much, and how frequently its accessed enabling access with ease and efficiency.  

Big Data & Information Management

IT organizations often have a hard time keeping up with today's complexity of storage.  Delivery and Management of a given company's data is cumbersome, to say the least.  We provide solutions that are scalable, easy to use & manage, and can ease your concerns.  Speak with our team to learn more about how we can help.

Cloud Services

The term "Cloud" in itself has become such a buzzword.  With varying definitions, approaches and tools, it's quite the task to decide what to do.  Our Cloud Readiness assessment and  our extensive experience deploying many types of "Cloud" (i.e Private, Public, Hybrid, IaaS, SaaS, DaaS, DRaas, CDaaS, UCaaS).  We can help you understand the pros and cons between hybrid, offsite, public, and private clouds as it relates your business initiatives.  We can work with your team to understand your business objectives design and deliver the correct solution.

Converged Infrastructure

A Converged Infrastructure solution removes the risk, cost and complexity commonly found alongside new infrastructure deployments by combining modular, “best-of-breed” technologies that are seamlessly integrated, simple to manage and backed by field-tested and proven reliability.  The capabilities around data availability, protection and management are unparalleled.

Security & Compliance

BSG is aligned with some of the best security professionals in the business.  We help you design and implement various computer security controls and best practices.  BSG is experienced in detecting and remediating threats, providing root causes analysis, triage and implementation of various security tools (i.e. firewalls, IDS, software). BSG has worked on several projects to deliver solutions in Cybersecurity practices and meeting regulatory compliance.  We know best practices and work with only the best technology providers.

BYOD & Mobility

Companies from far and near are just now starting to take a renewed look at BYOD and Mobility.  Every organization has their own definition or ideas behind each.  Some companies are looking at all types of devices and numerous ways to gain access to data and applications.   Often times, the various approaches out there are lacking in something.  It is usually a toss-up between performance and security versus cost and complexity.   Our team of experts have hands-on experience with some the largest BYOD, VDI and Mobile deployments in existence. 


Virtualization, Cloud computing and Mobility are increasing unforeseen network problems.  Understanding the advancements in networking technology is key to understanding the value they can bring to your company.  BSG is certified in multiple types of enhanced routing and switching technologies and our team knows how to with tools and technology providers to make sure your network can keep up with growth, performance and security

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

There is no "one size fits all" approach to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.  We start by assessing your existing environment.  Then we take a look at key elements (how much data needs to be protected, what business chanells do they impact, etc,).  Your backups are only as good as your ability to recover the business! Our tools and experts have been successful in this practice for decades.

Software Defined Data Center

We work with you to assess, design, plan and implement the best solution for your company.  BSG will enable your organization to gain a competitive advantage by increasing your speed to innovation, agility, and business value.

Storage & Servers

Navigating the landscape of creating a flexible IT infrastructure that manages, supports and stores all types of data can be challenging.  BSG will look at your applications, conduct an ROI and RPO assessment, and determine the optimal performing solution to fit your business objectives.


Our team works as an extension of your IT and Telecom team and can help in solution design, procurement, implementation and optimization across all telecommunications services.  We have implemented different types of voice, data, wireless, co-lo, managed and cloud services.  Our team knows how to address the day to day challenge with Provisioning management, inventory and billing difficult contract terms and new technologies.  Speak to us about how to leverage our best practices.


We specialize in Unified Communications, Customer Care and Conferencing solutions and we are able to eliminate any confusion created by vendor marketing. BSG delivers a range of personalized collaboration solutions with complete support.