As IT departments are increasingly required to do more with less, budget concerns can become a forefront issue.  BSG's IT strategies and technical consulting capabilities will fill in the gaps so your business can focus its time and energy where you need it most.

Backup, Recovery & Archive Assessment

Data Loss and Technology Outages can create major issues for businesses.  BSG's has some of the minds in the Data & Systems recovery field.  While focusing on your infrastructure and all that are dependent upon it, we create a clear path in helping our customers deliver successful results in short term and long term backup and recovery

Data Center Migration

Whether you are evaluating storage options or moving data from one site to another, BSG offers services that align with your requirements.  Our engineers are trained and experienced in leveraging tools and processes that are proven to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Our DR practice covers both business and technology approaches.  IT organizations land in a few buckets when it comes to DR testing.  Either they feel that their existing methods for DR are good enough, not good enough or the business simply doesn't see it as a priority.  Whichever category your organization falls into, small or large, we can help.  BSG retains some of the best talent with the IP Professionals who are skilled in DR and Business Continuity.  We can help assess your existing plans, build a new plan or deliver solutions to help recover various parts of your infrastructure.  

Infrastructure Consolidation or Refresh

Often times, it feels like you are managing various silos within technology.  Some of our most successful customers have worked with us to deliver a consolidated  infrastructure into a proven and validated converged infrastructure.  Our technical engineers will perform a health check on your current environment and determine what existing tools and solutions can become part of a new converged solution.  Our results are directed towards addressing simple management, improving processes and delivering excellent performance to users.

Solutions Design & Implementation

Having 27 years of experience in various System Desinging and Implementation roles, our technical engineers start by assessing your business requirements and needs.  We then work to design a well-structured solution to best address the requirements.  We assist you with turning IT into a business unit which assists with business growth versus appearing to be a strain to the organization.  Please contact BSG today to learn more about simplified management and creating IT efficiencies.

Enterprise Architecture

Various IT organizations struggle with the concept of designing Enterprise class standards and solutions.  They are often looking in places and not having definitive answers to some of their common challenges and questions.  Often times, the manufacturers they look towards for answers are focused on providing a solution or a tool versus solving a real business challenge.  Our team of experienced Architects are skilled and have worked in demanding IT teams while executing several multimillion dollar projects.  We help you set standards for hardware and applications and deliver best in class solutions.  Our approach is well structured and is focused on working with you to build a Center of Excellance group within your organization.

Service Contract Management

Our team is well versed and experienced with various aspects of contract management.  Whether contracts are formal, short form, annual or time based, you can utilize BSG to serve as a point of contact for vendors and your company.  Experience with consulting agreements, sub contracts, commercial and public agreements.  Our team works with your company to not only manage contracts but we also renegotiate, renew, reduce and contracts.

Technology Procurement

We are focused on providing you with the best solutions at the best cost.  Our engineers are certified and skilled in technologies.  They work with your team to deliver an unbiased approach to technology procurement - from incubation to delivery.  Please ask your BSG representative for more information.